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Food for Glowing Skin and Hair

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If I wanted to toss off a super-quick story about hair and skin health and radiance, I’d just type the realest of all clichés: “You are what you eat.” As I have the space, however, I’ll elaborate on simple tweaks to your eating that pay big dividends.

There are many foods that contain nutrients that support hair and skin health as part of an over-all nutritious eating plan. If you have dietary concerns, physical ailments, allergies, or intolerances, please consult with a nutritionist and physician. What follows is just an alphabetical list of l good I love to eat. Knowing they help my skin and hair look their best is a wonderful bonus.





Dark leafy greens

Kidney beans and chickpeas



Olive, avocado, sunflower oil

Orange vegetables

Seeds like chia and pumpkin




There seems to be a keen group of advocates for dark chocolate (at least 60 percent cacao) who maintain Hand holding healthy sandwich on the beach.that it helps keep skin hydrated and resist sun damage, but I prefer to look at chocolate as a treat instead of a part of my healthy diet. Otherwise, I might fill a salad bowl with dark chocolate, orange slices, and almonds, and then call it a meal. Actually, when I read that back, it really sounds delicious!

Are you thinking that you’re too busy to focus this much attention on your looks? Face it, you’ll be showing the world the same skin and hair whether you eat a gloopy, sugary, or fat-laden something for breakfast, or make a bowl of whole grain oatmeal and sprinkle on some almonds and cut-up dried apricots. Lunch can be something oozing with grease, or it can be a spinach salad with tomatoes, carrots, chickpeas, avocado, and pumpkin seeds, dressed with a touch of olive oil. Drink lots of water, and by the time dinnertime has arrived, you can eat whatever tempts you, knowing you’ve already bolstered your good looks for the day.

I’m too busy most days to juice, press, and/or process natural foods. I like to keep things simple and enjoy the flavors of the foods I eat, but if you’re someone who’ll only eat kale or spinach in a blueberry smoothie, blend on.

I buy organic food whenever it’s available. Think it’s too expensive? I look at it another way: Instead of buying expensive face and hand creams and splurging on premium hair conditioner, I upgrade my food to organic whenever possible and then use a jar of organic coconut oil (it costs less than $10.00) to moisturize my skin at night and condition my hair before shampooing. Unless your dog is as crazy about having a taste as mine is, the jar should last a few months. That’s savings without sacrifice and beauty on a budget.

By Lita Smith-Mines


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