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yacht afterIf you are looking to replace your interior flooring on your boat NautikFlör has is a new marine-grade flooring solution that is revolutionizing the synthetic teak flooring industry. These planks click together, combining the look and feel of real wood with the durability of PVC for your yacht floor. This environmentally friendly product is easy to install and can be utilized as flooring almost anywhere to achieve that sought after, nautical look.

NautikFlör maintains this real look and feel via an innovative, PVC hydro-board printing process.  The boards are 4 feet by 8” each and feature 3 planks of 2 ½” and 3 strips of ¼ imprinted.  Specific shapes can be achieved simply by scoring the planks and snapping the boards or traditional methods of woodcutting or jig sawing will suffice.   NautikFlör was also designed so that tight spaces and corners can be conquered effortlessly.

The HD Digital printing method is credited with the rich colors seen on the Nautik planks. NautikFlör is offered in the most popular yacht flooring colors of teak or cherry and also comes with your choice of holly or black strips.

There is never a need to oil or sand the boat deck.  Hot coatings are applied to protect the surface before the PVC is embossed with wood grains to provide the texture needed for NautikFlör’s non-slip surface.

NautikFlör is manufactured in Switzerland.  On boats, these lightweight planks can be applied and fitted with adhesive.  NautikFlör can be applied directly over your old subfloor, regardless of smoothness, eliminating the lengthy removal process.   Residential or commercial spaces can also be fitted with Nautik as a floating floor since it only weighs 1.1 pounds per square foot.

The excitement behind this product stems from its versatility.  It can be applied virtually anywhere, cuts out maintenance, and is water resistant.  The patented printing process has allowed us to introduce custom designs that will be available in the near future.  Visit nautikflor.com for more information.

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