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Look Fresh in Hot Weather

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You look great after applying your streak-free, melt-free, waterproof makeup in the cool, air-conditioned comfort of your home. However, by the time you hit the dock on a hot, humid day, you can feel everything melting away. No one is spared — even those with dry skin suffer from makeup meltdown. Yet everyone can benefit from permanent makeup, one of this year’s hottest beauty trends, as it lets boaters defy the beauty-busting effects of hot weather, humidity, salt, and spray.

When you hear permanent makeup, you may cringe as you think of the bright lips and dark brows that have been sported for years by those craving a low-maintenance look. However, a new wave of options creates more natural looks than previous versions. Despite the name, permanent makeup application last up to three years, although you may need some touch-ups here and there. As with other tattoos, technicians use a combination of numbing creams and topical anesthetics to keep you comfortable and pain-free. Depending on the area and the application, permanent makeup application has nearly no downtime, though some take a little while to heal fully.

Permanent makeup helps to conceal wrinkles and fine lines as well as enlarged pores and scars. Practitioners may offer services such as micro-needling that damage the skin slightly with needles in order for it to heal. Imagine skipping your usual foundation yet achieving close-to-perfect skin?

If a swipe of lipstick is all you need to look presentable, it still means reapplying often in summer or using a long-lasting formula that can dry your lips (and still smudge or even disappear in humid conditions). Opting for permanent lipstick provides a look that is natural while making lips look fuller and more youthful, a result similar to more expensive cosmetic surgery. When away from the elements, you can vary your look by wearing different lip colors; lipstick is less apt to “bleed” when applied over the tattoo.

Permanent eyeliner is for women who’d like to wear eye makeup when boating but skip it because even waterproof products on the market may run, smear, and smudge on very humid days. In addition, taking the time to apply a perfect line in the morning means you start the boating day later! Permanent eyeliner ensures that your lines are always flawless — color options are varied and many studios will customize a color so that you can have exactly the right shade. Those not previously able to wear eye makeup because of allergies and other sensitivities also appreciate this solution.

Long-lasting brows have evolved from the startled and perhaps villainous looks of the past. The newest addition to the field is known as microblading, which tattoos on individual hairs for a softer and natural look. As micro implies, a smaller needle is used to paint on each individual hair in a process that is more delicate than a bold brow tattoo. As supermodels and actresses begin to rock bolder brows, women seek microblading to augment sparse brows, create a flattering arch, fill in brows lost to over-plucking, and enhance those thinned by age or medical treatments.

timis usually pricier than other permanent makeup options and takes longer. The process should take around two hours, with the first spent by the artist painstakingly drawing in hairs and creating an arch, and the second hour spent in setting the results. If you see a brow service advertising a quicker procedure, be cautious. The same caution applies regarding price as a natural look requires detailed work. While permanent makeup may cost around $200.00 a session, microblading can run up to $800.00. While that sounds pricey, you no longer have to fill in your brow with powders and gels, which can streak and fade. And as with all permanent makeup, it stays in place through humidity, salt, and spray — and even a total submerging when you decide to go for a swim on a hot day!

By Carly Zinderman


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