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Editor’s Letter

November 30, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

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There’s plenty of notice that the holiday season is approaching. Stores smell like cinnamon, carols fill radio playlists, invitations arrive, and, boom, we’re up to our ears in tinsel, cranberries, and nog!

Yet despite the multiple warning signs, December still seems to arrive before I’m ready. I need a little more time to organize and a lot more ways to relax while celebrating with family and friends.

That’s when I remember some of the lessons I’ve learned from boating. If the sun’s shining and the breeze is gentle, we might postpone our plans and just hang out, savoring the moment, or we might let go of rushing to somewhere else when the sunset in front of us is amazing. I’ve found that when the people you invite to go boating are wonderful, you don’t need to make a fuss — just offer some tasty food and beverages and your friends and family will make the specialness unfold. Control what you can (like life jackets), anticipate what you might encounter (like changeable weather), and let go of everything else. Micromanaging can’t manipulate everyone and everything around you at a party any more than it can prevent it from raining all weekend, so stop being miserable and enjoy the moments as they come.

Think about some ways your leisurely summer may influence your hectic holidays, and cut yourself some slack. Enjoy your time with loved ones, renew your spirituality, and savor all the gifts that come your way, no matter what form they take.

Please know that all of us at Boating Times thank you for reading and supporting our advertisers. We wish you and them a joyous holiday season.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Joyous Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus, Blissful Solstice, a cheerful early winter, and Happy New Year!

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