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Editor’s Letter

September 1, 2017 by · Leave a Comment 

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I really didn’t want to write this letter. My fingers simply refused to embrace the month when autumn begins. Nope, I just couldn’t write about September.

Having left my toddler days long ago, I soon realized that throwing a tantrum wouldn’t actually prevent the currents from floating the calendar forward. Maybe I’d just start by making a list of the first things that came to mind about September:

  1. It’s not October.
  2. It’s not November.

Obviously, that approach was pointless, but I nevertheless decided to give this one more go by focusing on the fact that only one-third of September is in autumn, meaning this is still mostly a summer month. I love boating in summer!

Days may be shorter but are still long enough. Days may be cooler but still warm enough. Time may be limited but there’s plenty left. Maybe you don’t have kids around and you love the quiet and solitude of boating now. If kids are on the scene, homework seems less of a chore when you do it on the boat. Weekday dinners are less of a hassle if you grab food that tastes great chilled and serve it as the sun sets. Because everyone knows that September sunsets over the water are spectacular!


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